Viral social media group ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ incites fake protest in LA

Connor McCrory

Viral social media group ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ has been preaching the theory that birds are “government surveillance drones” over the past few years, and have now conducted a fake protest in Los Angeles, California.

Social media hoax group Birds Aren’t Real has amassed over 800,000 followers on TikTok with an added 390,000 fans on Instagram, jokingly spreading the idea that birds are spies for the government.

According to the organization’s founder Peter McIndoe, 23, “Birds Aren’t Real” first started as a prank in Memphis, Tennessee. McIndoe had the idea to join a small assembly of protesters and counter-protesters with an unrelated and ridiculous sign, planting the seed for his parody movement.

The movement has since traveled across the United States cashing in on merchandise and setting up live rallies. Now, it’s reached LA with its latest “protest.”

Birds Aren’t Real rally Los Angeles, Califonia – March 20, 2022

‘Birds Aren’t Real’ fake protest in LA

On March 20, 2022, “Birds Aren’t Real” organized a fake protest in Los Angeles, California, at the CNN offices in Hollywood, attracting over 150 of the organization’s followers.

“I know the truth, do you know the truth?” McIndoe asked his followers, “We have been censored by the media for as long as I can remember,” the 23-year-old proclaimed.

“Birds Aren’t Real” protest L.A.

Followers of the parody movement dawned signs reading “learned the truth and got rid of my pet bird,” “If it has a beak don’t let it speak,” along with many other well-witted slogans.

The protest became rowdier as fans began to impede traffic and overpopulate sidewalks, with multiple individuals nearly getting run over and honked at by passing traffic.

Peter Mcindoe cancels birds

At 5:50 pm PST the crowd began to march around CNN’s Los Angeles bureau, chanting that birds weren’t real – satirically blaming the media for not “telling us the truth” about birds.

After almost 30-minutes of protesting and chanting slogans like “if it flies it spies,” McIndoe thanked everyone for coming out, and told his followers that the movement was becoming stronger than ever.

Do fans really think birds are real?

Julia Roberts, 19, was a protester at the rally along with her friends, and told Dexerto, “We are just here to have fun, of course, we don’t think birds are real, it’s just like a fun way for the community to get together and do something fun, you know?”

TikTok star Daniel Mac, who currently has over 12-million TikTok followers, was approached by a fan asking “What do you do for a living?” to which the star responded with “I’m a bird trooper.”


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While it isn’t quite clear how much longer McIndoe will be able to “convince” his fans that “Birds Aren’t Real,” he is clearly riding out this joke as long as he can.