Viral “not real” plane woman unveils new merch to help Hawaii victims

Tiffany Gomas' Hawaii fundaiserTwitter: tiffany_gomas

Tiffany Gomas, who went viral for claiming a man on a plane was “not real” has released merchandise to support the victims of Hawaii’s wildfires.

Tiffany Gomas, 38, of Dallas, Texas recently went viral for a swear-induced tirade while on an American Airlines flight.

Claiming that a man sitting nearby by her was “not real,” Gomas continued her fearful rant in the middle of the aisle of the plane before it took off.

Though she received plenty of comments from the public about the incident, Gomas has used her platform for the better, as she just dropped a line of merch for victims of the Hawaii wildfires.

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Tiffany Gomas’ X followers praise her contribution to Hawaii 

Though Gomas was the talk of the nation after her “not real” plane incident, she has since turned her platform into a lending hand for the victims of the Maui, Hawaii wildfires.

The wildfires ravished through the town of Maui in early August, beginning on the 8th. The horrendous tragedy was a result of Hurricane Dora causing an imbalance in wind pressure from the North and South, resulting in winds that claimed over 100 lives.

Tiffany Gomas unveiled her T-shirt merchandise to help support Hawaii after the devastating wildfires.Twitter: tiffany_gomas
Tiffany Gomas unveiled her T-shirt merchandise to help support Hawaii after the devastating wildfires.

The people of Hawaii lost their loved ones, homes, cars, resources, and more after the wind-driven wildfires blighted over 2,200 buildings. 

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Though nothing could piece back together the damage and sadness, people from all over the world have raised money and donated resources to help restore Lahaina — Gomas included. 

On August 30th, Gomas announced on her X/Twitter Tiffany_Gomas, the unveiling of her Hawaii wildfire merch, saying, “I’m so proud to support Maui Strong through branding_aloha T-shirt fundraiser.”

Gomas continued, “There is so much healing and rebuilding to do. Do your small part to help and get your T-shirt today for $36. 100% of sales proceeds are going to the Hawaii Community Foundation.”

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Those who follow Gomas on Twitter took to her comments section to praise her for her contribution, saying, “I knew Tiffany was a good person — using her platform for good.” While another commented, “Excellent way to support the folks in Hawaii.”

Tiffany has yet to speak on her supportive merchandise and comments from her followers. However, she did attach the hashtags “Maui Strong” and “Rebuild and Heal” to her post on Twitter. 

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