Viral grocery store confuses everyone by stocking shelves with pictures of food

Alice Sjöberg
Shopper confused with empty shelves with pictures of food

A shopper documented her bizarre trip to the grocery store where she found an aisle full of empty shelves covered in pictures of food.

Sometimes, weird videos seem to make their way to everyone’s FYP on TikTok. From optical illusions that will make you look twice to NPC streamers, the app has seen it all.

Adding to the weird and wonderful on the app, a woman named Paige shared a video of her unusual trip to the grocery store which left both her and viewers confused.

In the video, which has been viewed over 50,000 times and growing fast, Paige films in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store. She shows viewers that while the shelves look full, the items on display, including Cheez-Its and bottles of apple juice, aren’t actually there. Instead, the unnamed grocery store hung up large printed sheets made to give the appearance of fully stocked grocery store shelves.

“Just when you thought grocery shopping couldn’t get any worse,” Paige says in the video.

For those who may have also been fooled by the illusion, Paige shows that when she reaches for an item, she can’t physically grab anything since her hand runs into a literal plastic sheet.

“I’m so upset by this,” Paige adds.

At the end of the video, she shows that the grocery store only added to the confusion by having real items, like boxes of Topo Chico, next to the illusion items.

Viewers are just as confused as Paige

She captioned the video: “If you want tips on how to hate grocery shopping even more, have them change everything around and then throw in printed photos of food.”

Viewers were left just as confused as Paige as they took to the comments to discuss the curiously looking interior of the grocery store.

While some commenters speculated that the grocery store was masking a food shortage, Paige replied, letting them know that the reality is that the grocery store is in the process of adding a liquor store and has been moving the grocery store layout around.

“Maybe like a placeholder thing while they do a renovation of the aisle,” a commenter clarified.

“It’s like when Disneyland tries to hide construction,” another wrote.

Several commenters poked fun at the situation.

“Perhaps the real groceries were the friends we made along the way,” the top comment read.

“The real grocery shopping experience without the hassle of grocery buying,” another person joked.

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