Mom sparks outrage after toddler holds up grocery store line

Molly Byrne
toddler and grocery store

After a toddler held up the grocery store line, the internet said they would “lose” their minds if they were in line behind the toddler and his family.

Amy, who is an avid TikToker and a mom to her son Texas, was shopping at the grocery store when she saw the perfect opportunity for a teaching lesson.

Allowing her toddler Texas to scan the groceries before leaving, the time it took to checkout took longer than expected.

TikTok viewers have since reacted, saying they would “lose” their minds if they were behind the family in line.

Mom of toddler unamused by nagging customers in line

Captioning her viral TikTok of Texas scanning their groceries, “Sunday mornings helping mum and dad. I think we make a pretty great team,” it was apparent that Amy felt pride in her son wanting to help.

Amy also included a POV text overlay to the video explaining how the line behind them was growing, “The line behind you is growing and people are looking at you but you don’t care because your child is learning and rushing is what gives young children anxiety.”

toddler grocery store

Fortunately, though, Texas hadn’t noticed the nagging people in line and Amy didn’t pay mind to them either. Instead, Texas can be seen smiling happily as he scanned an avocado, tortillas, and more. 

Despite the adorable content of the toddler, viewers of Amy’s viral TikTok wanted nothing to do with being behind them in line, as one person sarcastically commented, “You can do this at home with unpacking the groceries.”

While another said, “And being courteous and considerate to other ppls time is also a great life skill.”

Though it’s not a crime to allow your toddler to help scan groceries in line, a store clerk also quipped that their managers get angry at them if their lines pile up.

So, perhaps, the many suggestions that Amy buy Texas a pretend grocery kit to play with at home just might be her best solution to escape the negativity.