Shopper shows how to get “CVS rich” by finding hidden deals in store

Kawter Abed
Shopper shows how to get “CVS rich” by finding hidden deals in store

A CVS customer has gone viral on TikTok after showing how you can find hidden deals in the store and get “CVS rich.”

In a short clip with over 2.1 million views, content creator Emily Reidy (emilyiscaffeinated) filmed herself in a CVS store as she began explaining the hack.

“OK guys, we’re back at CVS to find all the expired items to get CVS rich,” she began, before holding up the first expired products. “So we got all the protein bars so far. August 2023. That is disgusting.”

“More Quest products,” Emily said, as she tossed a box of Quest cookies into her basket. The video then cuts to the customer standing in the checkout line, where she’s heard telling the cashier, “I saw a sign that says you get like a coupon.”

The TikToker then left the CVS store and went to her car. “OK guys, let’s count them and see how rich we are,” she said, before counting the coupons. “We got eight today. I’m like, could have been in there longer, but like, I was getting bored. Got about #30 at CVS. Not too bad,” Emily concluded.

Many TikTok users took to the comments to praise the hack. “$30 at CVS is like $15 at a normal store, but that’s still good stuff for free,” one person wrote. “This is a great hack for anyone who’s homeless and hungry. I will pass the info along, thank you,” another said.

“Omg, do you have to buy the stuff or is it just finding them,” a third commented, to which Emily replied, “You just have to find them and they give you a 3.50 off coupon for each one.”

However, others pointed out that this doesn’t work in all CVS stores. “I used to do this in CT. They only do this in a couple of states. Can look up which states,” one user advised.

“Looks like it only works in PA bc of a lawsuit that happened a few years back,” another one shared. “I live right on the border in NJ so I will be crossing to do it.”

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