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Woman under fire for spitting inside grocery store chip bag in viral video

Published: 4/Dec/2021 12:39 Updated: 4/Dec/2021 12:43

by Georgina Smith


A video showing a woman spitting chips back into the bag in a grocery store before resealing it has gone viral online, with people slamming the “disgusting” video.

New videos go viral online every single day, and while that’s sometimes because they’re funny or just downright bizarre, sometimes certain clips gain traction because of just how outrageous they are.

The latter is definitely the case for a new video that has emerged on Reddit, showing a woman walking around a Kroger’s store in Nashville and tampering with various different products.

The nine-minute-long video shows her spitting chips back into the bag and resealing it before placing it back on the shelf. She also opens a bag of toilet paper to wipe her mouth and then puts the roll back, and even takes swigs from bottles before screwing the cap back on.



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In the video, the impression is given that she has left the products behind on the shelf, however according to TooFab, a spokesperson for the Kroger Nashville Division explained: “As soon as we received notification of the video circulating that involved one of our stores in the Nashville division, we began our own internal investigation.

“Through the quick action of our team, we were able to verify that the items used for the video were not left behind on the shelf and were purchased by the individuals involved.”

Woman stands in a grocery store
The video ends with an apparently staged confrontation between the woman and the person behind the camera.

The response to the video has been huge, particularly on Reddit where there are hundreds of comments calling her out. One comment described her as “a legitimately disgusting and horrendously selfish person.”


However, others caught on to the fact that it was a “prank,” describing it as a “stunt for views.”

It’s currently unclear whether any action will be taken against the woman over the incident, with some people revealing they have reported the situation to the Nashville Police Department.