Viral fight at Olivia Rodrigo concert explained: Two women brawl in crowd

Georgina Smith
Two people fight at an Olivia Rodrigo concert

After a video of a violent fight between two women at an Olivia Rodrigo concert went viral on Twitter and TikTok, the account behind the clip has explained what actually went down.

Within the space of a year, 18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo has shot to global success with her music career. While she was originally known as an actress, her song ‘Drivers License’ hooked the world in early 2021, and since then she has gone on to release her enormously successful album, Sour.

Fans have of course been desperate to see the talented singer perform live, and the iHeartRadio music festival was the perfect opportunity for people to see her perform her most iconic hits.

Olivia Rodrigo holding her Sour record
Olivia Rodrigo is a hugely popular star right now.

However, videos of her performance aren’t the only thing to go viral from the night.

Shortly after, TikTok user fww.shelli uploaded a video of two women having a fight while Rodrigo was singing ‘Drivers License’ in the background.

The women, and even a child at one point, are shown to be throwing punches at each other until the fight is eventually broken up, and the wild video garnered tens and thousand of likes across social media.

Now, fww.shelli has uploaded another video to TikTok to explain what actually happened.

She explained that one mom with her 8-year-old daughter kept asking another woman who had a chair if the girl could stand on it because she was too short to see.

The TikToker said that the other person was “being rude about it” when she was asked, which prompted the argument.

She then explained that the girl in the white cardigan smacked the mom on the face, while the daughter was on her shoulders.

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After that, they started fighting, and fww.shelli said “it was so obvious that the white cardigan girl initiated the fight.”

She added that security “didn’t really do anything,” and that after they stopped recording the video, the fight ended, and the show continued as normal.

This isn’t even the first time that a fight has upstaged the main event. A fight between spectators in the crowd for Jake Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley ended up going viral on Twitter back in August.