Jinny stunned after Twitch viewer gifts $10,000 with one condition

Virginia Glaze
jinny-stunned-10k-twitch-donation-cruiseTwitch: jinnytty

Twitch star ‘Jinnytty’ was left absolutely gobsmacked after one of her viewers donated $10,000 — with the condition that she spend the cash on a live-streamed cruise.

Jinny is a popular streamer on Twitch, where she broadcasts her travels across the globe to the tune of 990,000 followers.

Although Jinny streams a variety of content, she’s best known for her traveling broadcasts, some of which have gone mega-viral over the years due to the wild encounters she’s had with strangers, both good and bad.

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Now, it looks like one of her viewers wants her to make a major upgrade to her usual streams after gifting her an eye-popping amount of money.

jinny on twitchTwitch: Jinnytty

Jinny receives eye-popping $10K donation from disabled viewer

On February 10, Jinny was streaming live to celebrate the Lunar New Year when she received a $10,000 donation from a viewer.

In their donation message, the viewer claimed they were gifting her the cash as an early birthday present to “take us on a cruise ship of your choice with two options: Chinese Yangtze River, or 14 days around New Zealand.”

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Jinny’s face said it all, her expression stunned and totally caught off-guard by the huge amount of money that had just been sent her way.

“What just happened?” she asked. “What did you do?”

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Mere seconds later, the same fan sent a $10 donation with the message: “I give you the cash so you have the freedom to choose the journey and time you wish to travel. Give me a call off-stream sometime, if you want to see my deep blue ocean eyes? You know how to find me.”

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“What’s going on?” she shouted. “I gotta process this. ….that’s a lot of money. Are you sure about this?”

Jinny went on to read out other donation messages from the viewer, who claimed he had a muscle disease that would “kill him in the next 10-15 years.”

The streamer wasn’t sure about accepting the fan’s money at first, explaining that her community had just suffered a loss after one of their members recently died from cancer.

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However, she went on to explain that some of her viewers are unable to travel due to health conditions, and claimed she would use the money for a cruise ship to take her fans on yet another adventure.

“I am definitely happy to take you guys to a lot of cool places, new places, so you can experience the world together,” she said.

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