Edison Park gives heartwarmingly honest verdict on Fuslie’s Twitch streams

Edison Park gives heartwarming verdict on Fuslie Twitch streamsInstagram: fuslie / Twitch: Edison Park

Twitch streamer Edison Park gave his adorable take on his ex-fiancé and fellow streamer, Fuslie’s, broadcasts — with some humorous criticisms thrown in, of course.

Edison Park and Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu broke the internet when Park proposed to Fu as a way to end his record-breaking 30-day Twitch stream back in 2019.

The heartwarming, viral moment seemed to hint at an unbreakable bond between the two streamers — but the couple announced the end of their engagement in 2021, claiming they had “ultimately grown apart” from each other.

The news came as a shock to fans… but things seem to be just fine between the ex-couple, who even appear on each other’s broadcasts from time to time and remain on openly friendly terms.

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Fuslie Edison Park break upTwitch: edisonparklive
Fuslie and Edison announced their engagement in April 2019, going viral in the process.

Edison Park says Fuslie is “one of the most talented creators on Twitch”

In fact, Park had (mostly) nothing but good things to say about ex-fiancé Fuslie’s presence on Twitch, citing her as “straight up, one of the most talented content creators on Twitch” in a recent broadcast.

“I honestly saw that in her since the very early stages of our relationship,” he said. “When we first started dating, I didn’t really know what Twitch was. Just the way she’s very bubbly, she’s very funny.”

Fuslie Edison respond to dating rumors after surprise Twitch streamTwitch: Fuslie
Fuslie and Edison occasionally appear in each other’s streams.

“She’s cute, she’s — okay, she’s s**t at games, alright?” Park joked. “Leslie, if you see this, I’m sorry, but it’s true. You suck at video games, okay? But just because she sucks, doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch her.”

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Since their breakup last year, Fuslie has gone on to release an original song and has made GTA roleplaying a huge part of her current repertoire.

It seems like things are on the up and up for both broadcasters, who aren’t shy about showing their support for each other in spite of their split nearly half a year ago.