Valkyrae announces voice acting role in Netflix Sonic Prime show

Brianna Reeves
Valkyrae sonic prime

Popular streamer Valkyrae has announced her part in Netflix’s Sonic Prime animated series, in which she voices Squad Commander Red.

Despite lending her voice to a Tribe Nine cameo in early 2022, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter celebrated her official turn as a voice actor that summer in a cryptic tweet.

The streamer couldn’t divulge concrete details about the project she’d joined at the time, but fans were nonetheless excited.

After a long wait, Valkyrae has finally informed followers of which project she lent her talent to – Netflix’s newest animated series.

Valkyrae is Squad Commander Red in Sonic Prime

Today, January 10, Valkyrae announced that she voiced a character in Netflix’s newly released Sonic TV show. The popular content creator, specifically, portrays Squad Commander Red in an episode of the series.

All eight episodes are already available to view on the streaming service, and Valkyrae isn’t the only voice that gamers may recognize. Youtuber Seán McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, appears in the Sonic-branded animated show, as well.

Whether or not the Sonic Prime TV show will translate to more voice-over work for Valkyrae presently remains to be seen. However, it could mark the start of another career path for the internet personality.

There’s much more Sonic Prime on the way, too, with the series reportedly slated to run for three seasons with eight episodes apiece. It’s currently unclear if Squad Commander Red will appear in subsequent seasons in any capacity.

The series, thus far, revolves around the eponymous Sonic the Hedgehog traveling across parallel dimensions in an attempt to save his shattered world. Evidently, the speedster runs into some interesting folks along the way.