Valkyrae stream snipes Miyoung on Twitch to join IRL birthday celebration

Valkyrae stream snipes Miyoungs birthday Twitch broadcastTwitch: kkatamina

YouTube star Valkyrae stream sniped her friends to link up with them and celebrate Twitch streamer Miyoung’s birthday in a hilarious turn of events.

Valkyrae is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube, and on top of her 3.7 million subscribers, she also has a pretty big friend group.

Rae is almost always hanging out with her buddies either online or in real life, many of whom are fellow streamers. Her friend group, commonly called the ‘amigops,’ generally consists of Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, and others.

On November 9, Rae opted to hang out with Sykkuno, Fuslie, and Twitch star Miyoung to celebrate Miyoung’s birthday. The troupe decided to meet up at The Grove, a popular outdoor shopping mall in the Los Angeles area.

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Miyoung birthday instagram selfieInstagram: kkatamina
Miyoung celebrated her 27th birthday on November 9.

Miyoung, Fuslie, and Sykkuno decided to grab cupcakes at Sprinkles, a gourmet cupcake confectionery located near one of the entrances to The Grove. Miyoung streamed their hangout on Twitch so fans could celebrate with them. At this point in the stream, Valkyrae hadn’t shown up yet.

Valkyrae stream snipes Miyoung in hilarious IRL birthday celebration

In an attempt to find her friends, Valkyrae tuned into Miyoung’s live stream and was able to determine their location literally from the pattern of the stones in the ground.

She ran into frame right as the group headed to Sprinkles, prompting some laughs from her buddies as she explained how she managed to find them.

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“I was looking at the brick pattern!” Rae explained before giving Miyoung a huge hug and an excited “Happy birthday!”

Valkyrae’s addition to the squad made for a humorous (and chaotic) birthday stream for Miyoung, who streamed the rest of the group’s shopping adventures in The Grove (more specifically, at the large Barnes & Noble there).

Valkyrae’s latest birthday antics follow the star’s viral recreation of ‘The Luddy’ dance, which has taken the streamer space by storm.