Valkyrae explains how Pokimane solved confusion with restaurant during big IRL stream

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Streaming star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter cleared up an unusual situation where she and her pals were told to shut down their stream despite claiming they had permission to film.

For most streamers, sitting down at their desk and showing off their gaming skills is about as far as they’ll go. Though, there are plenty of others that branch out and stream their daily lives while on the go.

Given there are so many strangers and passers-by, IRL streams can be full of pitfalls, but plenty of big streamers will attempt to get permission beforehand to avoid any backlash.

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100 Thieves’ Valkyrae attempted to do just that when she and a few friends sat down to eat at a restaurant, but their stream almost got shut down after a dispute with a manager.

Valkyrae Instagram SelfieInstagram: Valkyrae
Valkyrae has become the queen of YouTube since signing exclusively to the platform.

During the stream, Hofstetter noted that her assistant had called ahead of time to get permission for them to stream their meal. Though, when they got there, they were confronted by staff who told them they could only take pictures.

In the aftermath, the 100 Thieves co-owner said that would never be the case. “I said that’s impossible, there’s no way my assistant would call in and ask for permission for photos, that’s absolutely impossible. We wouldn’t have agreed or made reservations here if that was the case,” she added.

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Ultimately, it was Pokimane who got things straightened out by asking to speak to a different member of staff who could help them. That person then gave them permission to stream.

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While some fans commented that the streamers were being ‘karens’ about the whole thing and complaining to managers, Rae shut that down given they hadn’t really done anything wrong.

Of course, not everybody wants to be on camera and that might prompt them to act differently, but as she says, clear communication goes a long way in getting things right.

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