Undertaker goes viral for protecting wife from rare shark attack

Molly Byrne

While enjoying time on the beach, former WWE star the Undertaker spared no time when he had to take charge and protect his wife from a shark.

While enjoying the shorelines of a beach getaway, WWE icon the Undertaker, whose real name is Mark Calaway, rushed to his wife’s side as she encountered a shark. 

Calaway, who has been married to the two-time WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool since 2010, may have had his fair share of competition in the ring… but that doesn’t compare to forces of nature.

While the couple expected nothing but relaxation and sunshine, what was to come would be a great surprise to both Calaway and McCool.

Undertaker protects his wife Michelle McCool from rare shark encounter.

Undertaker defended his wife Michelle McCool from a possible shark attack

Calaway may have retired his Undertaker persona in 2020, but that didn’t stop him from nearly wrestling a shark for McCool, who also retired from WWE in 2011.

The pair were enjoying their fun in the sun when a shark appeared out of nowhere. McCool then quickly tossed the book she was reading and texted Calaway for refuge.

Though McCool has had her fair share of fighting off others, she wasn’t enough for the shark to leave her alone, so Calaway had to take a stand. McCool explained the experience, saying, “Guess I wasn’t big enough to scare him away, but you are.”

The shark may not have been afraid of McCool, although it was lurking around her, but it probably  wouldn’t have stood a chance if both McCool and Calaway teamed up to defend themselves, as McCool opened up to The Post in a 2020 interview about just how strong Calaway is, saying, “He’s more mentally tough than anybody I’ve ever met.” 

Continuing, “I think a lot of stubbornness plays into effect, too. I speak from experience from that too. But I just always tell him, ‘Whatever you want to do, I’m here for you. I’ll work out with you. I’ll cook healthy meals, whatever it takes to get you physically emotionally and mentally ready.’”

Though we are unsure what type of shark the couple encountered, both Calaway and McCool are nonetheless safe and sound without any harm. Until next time, shark!

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