Uber driver goes viral after simple ride turns into helicopter trip

Uber Driver Helicopter RideTikTok: DarrenLevyOfficial

An Uber driver has gone viral on TikTok after one of his passengers brought him on his first-ever helicopter ride.

When it comes to meeting people through jobs like Uber, DoorDash, or Lyft, there’s no telling what could happen during your shift.

Some recent examples include DoorDash drivers getting arrested mid-delivery as well as Uber drivers having to kick customers out mid-ride.

But for TikToker Darren Levy, his job became mighty interesting after one of his Uber passengers unexpectedly invited him on a trip in his helicopter.

Uber driver reveals passenger gave him helicopter ride

Uploaded on January 31, Darren’s video detailing the story has been viewed over a million times.

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“It was a standard night until I met a guy named Ed at 6 am,” he explained. “Whenever I take someone to the airport I’m always curious to know if they’re going somewhere cool.”

After asking Ed what he was doing, the passenger mentioned he flies helicopters and asked if Darren had ever been in one.

They got to the airport, and Ed asked Darren if he wanted to check out his helicopters. Then, the video cut to the two guys in the air.

“You know that whole thing that your parents teach you about avoiding strangers?” Darren asked.

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the video as well.

“That’s awesome! honestly, some of the best interactions ever are with complete strangers,” one user said.

Another viewer replied: “Our parents said never to get into strangers’ cars, not helicopters.”

While a third user commented: “It only seems fair. He gets in a stranger’s car, you get in a stranger’s helicopter.”

It’s unknown what the two guys did after the video, but it’s safe to say that Darren won’t ever stop asking his passengers if they’re doing anything cool that day.

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