Cops keep going viral on TikTok for delivering DoorDash after arresting drivers

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A new police officer is going viral on TikTok for delivering a DoorDash order after arresting a driver.

There have been numerous TikToks involving food delivery apps documenting all sorts of shenanigans, but now, for the second time, a cop has become popular for delivering a customer’s order.

In a recent TikTok making waves on the platform, an Illinois woman ‘amanduhh8’ was shocked to see a cop standing in place of her DoorDash driver to drop off her Wendy’s order.

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After showing up at the door, the officer asked the woman if she ordered food and handed her a bag before explaining the situation.

“The driver ended up getting arrested,” he said. “So, instead of having the food sit in the car, I dropped it off for you. Take care.”

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TikTok praises cops for delivering DoorDash orders

It’s not clear what the DoorDasher did to get arrested, but viewers were absolutely loving this interaction and praised the cop for deciding to deliver the food.

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“At least the cop was nice enough to bring it,” one said.

“Protect AND SERVE,” someone else joked.

Others shared their own experiences with officers delivering goods. One commented, “Love this! I had an officer deliver my Amazon packages that the driver dumped in a field. It was Christmas Eve.”

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Amazingly, this isn’t the first time a police officer has stepped up to deliver DoorDash after the driver was arrested.

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Back in January, a South Dakota woman ordered some Arby’s, but her driver got cuffed along the way resulting in a cop bringing it to her. That footage was also uploaded to TikTok and received over 22 million views.

Considering both of these incidents went viral on TikTok, it really begs the question: just how many DoorDash drivers are being arrested, and how many cops are fulfilling their orders for them?

We may never know.

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