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Tyler1 reveals huge number of Twitch subs he lost during streaming break

Published: 2/Jun/2020 11:13

by Jacob Hale


Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has revealed the jaw-dropping number of subscribers he lost on the platform after taking a month and a half off.

Tyler1 is arguably one of the most popular streamers in the history of the platform. Despite numerous bans, his League of Legends streams have made him a huge name in Riot Games’ MOBA, and he has been rewarded with a loyal and devoted fanbase.

That said, a recent hiatus from streaming so as to reach Challengers in solo queue proved that, perhaps, they are not quite as loyal as he might have thought.

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Instagram: tyler1_alpha
Tyler1 has been a huge name in League of Legends, especially following his numerous controversies.

After achieving Challenger status in the jungler role, Tyler made his grand return to Twitch, ready to entertain the fans once again.

It wasn’t quite as he expected though, with much fewer subscribers than he had before his break, and during his June 1 stream he revealed exactly what the damage was.

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“I leave for a month and a half and I lose – get this – 15,000 subscribers,” he told his viewers, with the usual Tyler1 humor and bravado evident.

He continued: “You can’t forget to re-enable it, but you can forget about your Xbox Live membership?”

Finally, he finished his point by saying that there’s “a lot of fake f**ks” in his stream, telling all the people resubscribing to “just f**k off” before pretending to spit.


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Obviously, while Tyler makes a big joke of it, 15,000 subscribers is a monumental loss to almost any Twitch streamer, and is a number that many won’t ever achieve let alone lose.

Needless to say, with how popular Tyler is, he’ll likely make that number back and then some over the coming weeks, so he need not worry too much.