Tyler1 loses it over LoL Challenger ranked grind

Andrew Amos

League of Legends superstar Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp has exploded on stream over his challenging ranked grind, with the climb back to the top being more difficult than he was expecting.

Tyler1 has been looking to prove once and for all that he is the best League of Legends player in North America in Season 9. The grind to the top wasn’t meant to be easy, with the game’s becoming harder and harder as he reached the summit.

Now, it feels like the system is working against him, with the streamer now battling against low LP gains on the grind to Challenger, and he’s starting to lose the plot.

Tyler1 twitchTyler1 isn’t just the best Draven player on NA, but possibly the best Draven cosplayer too.

On a November 11 stream, Tyler1 grabbed his first win of the day three games in with a solid Heimerdinger performance. However, he was a bit cynical about how much progress the hard-earned victory would actually give him on the competitive ladder.

“Alright good sh*t we finally got a f*cking win,” he said. “Now watch, +13 LP. Just piss me off a little bit more today, just give me +13 so I can punch my monitor.”

He predicted it coming from a mile away, but he still wasn’t prepared for the bitter aftertaste after experiencing sweet victory. The +13 LP gain meme became a reality, and the Draven aficionado was furious. 

“Motherf*cker, suck my f*cking d*ck,” he exploded, angling towards his monitor in a Summit-esque rage moment.

There might be a few reasons behind Tyler’s low LP gain for that hard-fought victory. First of all, the enemy team had a Master-level player, meaning that T1’s team had a better MMR than the enemies.

On top of that, Tyler1 currently sits on a negative win rate on his ‘S8 IS SO FUN‘ account. While it’s not much — with a 495-500 record over 995 games in Season 9 — your long term winrate can have a big effect on your LP gains. 

The gains become even worse if you are coming off the back of a loss streak, which Tyler1 is. He went on a six-game loss streak just a couple of days ago, and has a 5-10 record over his last 15 games.

Twitch / Tyler1Tyler1 has given us a f

What rank is Tyler1?

As of November 11, Tyler1 sits in Grandmaster, hovering around the 350 LP mark. Getting to Grandmaster is a pretty big achievement that usually puts players into the top 1000 players on North America.

350 LP sits him comfortably near the top 500 players, meaning that the League personality has the skills to back up his banter.

op.ggTyler1’s been fluctuating between 300 and 500 LP in Grandmaster recently.

Tyler1 has made it to Challenger before back in Season 8 and earlier in Season 9, but is yet to finish a ranked season off in the prestigious bracket. 

To break into the top 300 before Season 9 ends on November 19, he will need about 520 LP to crack into the bracket, and about 550 to 600 LP to sit himself comfortably in the top tier.

While the LP gains and matchmaking can get pretty rough nearing the end of the season, Tyler1 will be battling against it all to prove to everyone that he is indeed the best player on the server. If he keeps his mental strong, who knows what he could achieve.

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