Gothamchess amazed as Tyler1 becomes better than “99% of players” in 8 months

Jeremy Gan
Tyler1 Rant about League of Legends

GothamChess was left amazed after Tyler1 became better than “99% of players” in eight months with 1700 Elo in chess.

When Tyler1 entered his very first PogChamps 5, he was extremely new to chess to the point he had to be taught how each piece moved. Despite it all, Tyler still had the confidence to challenge Levy “GothamChess” Rozman, Hikaru Nakamura, and Magnus Carlsen. 

Despite being a funny thing to say, it seems Tyler may very well be on track to becoming quite the formidable Chess player as he has improved his skills in such a short time span. 

Impressive enough for Levy to take notice of Tyler’s improvement in just eight months. 

“This is completely insane,” Levy said in his tweet. “Tyler1 has just crossed 1700 elo in Chess. Just eight months ago, his elo was literally 199. In less than one year, he has become stronger than nearly 99% of all Chess players on the planet.” 

And the stats don’t lie. On Tyler1’s page, you can see where exactly his Chess elo started and right around eight months ago, he made a rapid improvement. 

Technically Tyler’s elo is at 1705 sitting at the top 1.5% of players. This puts him at the top 115,552 of players on This is an incredibly hard feat to achieve considering the current number one has an elo of 2892.

However, any old viewer of Tyler should know that if there’s anything he’s really good at, it’s grinding. Tyler became the very first person to hit Challenger in all five role in League of Legends, all fueled by spite. Even more so, he grinded it all live on his Twitch channel. 

So in the coming months, the Chess world may want to brace for the wrecking ball that Tyler1 is about to unleash. 

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