Tyler1 finds hilarious hidden insult in fan’s artwork

Riot Games/LoL Esports

Streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp received a massive shock when he looked at an impressive piece of fan art – only to find that the fan had roasted him with a hidden message.

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Tyler1 is a massively popular Twitch streamer, best known for playing and raging at any game he can find – especially when it comes to League of Legends, regularly entertaining his viewers with his exceedingly hilarious outbursts.

However, Twitch chat can sometimes be a fickle bunch and will do their best to mock all streamers – and even T1 isn’t excluded from that, as his viewers regularly poke fun at his height, usually ending up with him screaming at them.

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It was no different on February 18 when a fan asked the streamer to look at his fan art. 

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Riot Games/Lol EsportsT1 went from being banned to being a part of the LCS playoffs broadcast.

Tyler obliged, putting the fan’s impressive work on the stream for all of his viewers to see. However, he got a shock when he decided to take a closer look.

The streamer seemed pretty pleased with the artwork until he zoomed in and looked it up and down, trying to figure out how the photo had been created. “Wait, come on,” he said, lost for words after discovering that the collar portion of the portrait contained the word ‘midget’ – taking shots at Tyler’s height.

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“Dude, what is this? Come on man, you didn’t have to type that in there,” T1 added. “Really? I was going to say something nice too, then you gotta toss that in there for no reason. Good one, asshole.”

Tyler’s response was clearly in humor as he admitted to wanting to compliment the fan’s work before he found that it was actually poking fun at him.