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Tyler1 blasts League streamer advertising Twitch channel in his chat

Published: 14/Nov/2021 10:52

by Joe Craven


League of Legends content creator Tyler ‘loltyler1’ Steinkamp blasted a Twitch streamer promoting their channel in his chat, telling them to focus on their own LoL gameplay. 

Tyler1 is well known among his fan base for his fiery and often uncompromising takes on the streaming community, as well as his skilful and highly accomplished League of Legends gameplay.

He recently exhibited his passionate side in a Fall Guys tournament, exploding with rage at an untimely elimination in a $50k Twitch rivals competition.

It seems that, alongside Fall Guys eliminations, streamers promoting their channels in his chat is a pet peeve of Steinkamp’s.


Tyler1 League of Legends
Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1 is among the platform’s most popular creators.

“Wait, look at this look at this,” he said, upon clocking the streamer advertising their channel during his broadcast. “This guy joins my channel, says ‘I’m have stream, go my stream!’ Like, okay, you’re a f**king dips**t.”

If Steinkamp was unimpressed to begin with, he was even less enamored with the streamer’s efforts after hopping over to their channel and getting a taste of their LoL gameplay.

Bringing the streamer’s channel up for his audience to see, he said: “He’s f**king one and three, getting sh*t-stomped… I look at chat, this guy says ‘dogsh*t stream’ and ‘go into these nuts’. Dude imagine being one and three… going to my stream and typing ‘come to my stream’. Okay so even if you’re actually trying to grow why would you type it when you’re not even performing in a game? People are gonna go to your stream, see you sh**ting the bed and what, stay?”


Plenty of Tyler’s viewers echoed his comments, questioning the logic of the streamer who, at best, struggling to deliver in their LoL match.

It was a typically straight-talking response from Steinkamp, whose League gameplay almost always exceeds going one and three. Almost.