Tyler1 explodes with rage after losing in Fall Guys $50k Twitch Rivals event

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 couldn’t contain his rage while playing in the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event on October 27, when he encountered players that skipped parts of the level, forcing his team out of a win.

Released in February 2020, Fall Guys saw an immense spike in popularity last summer. Almost every content creator you can name was playing the quirky game, primarily aimed at children.

Although the game has since seen a drop in interest, Ludwig’s Twitch Rivals Fall Guys event brought streamers back to compete for $50,000. Among the streamers competing for the hefty cash prize was Tyler1, who has a reputation for his over-the-top rages while playing League of Legends.

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However, the popular Twitch streamer didn’t leave his anger at the door when jumping on Fall Guys. Tyler1 had an outburst of epic proportions as a random opponent used “skipping.”

Tyler1 on TwitchTyler1
Tyler1 is the most popular League of Legends streamer, with over 4.6M followers on Twitch.

After making it to the final level repeatedly during the tournament, all was on the line as Tyler1 and his team of xQc, Surefour, and buddha needed to win the game to advance to the next stage.

However, it didn’t go exactly to plan, when a random player used a sneaky skip in the level to win, which forced his team out of contention by one point, and Tyler1’s reaction was just as regular viewers would expect.

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“Dude this guy skipped, what the f**k are these players? Get a f**king life, you f**king loser. What are they doing? These kids live to play this god damn game. Do you not have anything better to do than practice f**king little skips in a children’s game?”

Soon after the outburst of anger, Tyler1 retreated back to League of Legends after the news broke that his team wouldn’t advance because of a single point.

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Unfortunately, T1 didn’t win anything from Ludwig’s event but is determined to seek vengeance in another upcoming Fall Guys tournament.

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