Twitch streamer’s custom Zelda widget lets viewers play the Ocarina

Dylan Horetski
Nutty Twitch streamer makes Zelda Widget

A Twitch streamer has created a custom widget that lets viewers play the Ocarina of Time and songs from the popular Legend of Zelda game.

For the last decade, Twitch streamers have continued to innovate and improve their content by offering higher-quality broadcasts with one-off features.

KeatDawg has gone viral many times with clips of him falling into a dunk tank after failing in games, and nearly everyone knows the popular Twitch Plays Pokemon channel.

Twitch streamer Nutty has left their viewers shocked and impressed after revealing their custom widget that lets viewers play the Ocarina of Time through chat.

Twitch streamer lets chat control Ocarina of Time

Revealed in a tweet on July 17, 2023, Nutty introduced a custom-made widget featuring Link from the Ocarina of Time game playing music on the Ocarina of Time instrument.

“I spent all day making the Ocarina of Time into a Twitch widget so my viewers can play the Ocarina while I go to the bathroom,” they said. “So this is a widget I made for my stream today and it allows my viewers to play the Ocarina of Time through Twitch chat.

“Even better, if you actually type out one of the songs from the game [it will play the whole song.] I really went through obsessive detail with this.”

They even added all of the songs from the popular N64 game, including Epona’s Song, Song of Storms, and Saria’s Song.

Since the video was posted, Nutty’s tweet has been viewed over a million times with over 25,000 likes on the post. Twitter users were quick to share their thoughts on the unique widget as well.

“I MUST HAVE THIS. Excellent work man, love seeing original ideas,” one user replied.

Another commented: “This is so cool. Would be great for an Ocarina of Time playthrough.”

Its safe to say that Nutty has acquired many new fans in the time since the video was posted, with some going to his Twitch stream to try out the new widget.

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