KandyLand almost burns down her kitchen during cooking Twitch stream

Cooking streams are popular content for streamers on Twitch but Emma ‘Kandyland’ Carlsson got more than she bargained for as she entered the kitchen for her viewers.

Kandyland is a popular Twitch streamer who often does “Just Chatting” streams with viewers but decided to change things up on May 3 and bake some cupcakes with viewers to celebrate her two-year Twitch partner anniversary.

Cooking, even if it’s just at home, comes with some risks and Kandyland found herself in the situation no home cook wants to be in with a smoke alarm blaring out of control.

Kandyland is a popular streamer on Twitch.

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal

As Kandyland slaves over a hot stove to prepare her cupcakes, the peaceful cooking stream is interrupted by the blaring of a smoke alarm, which probably made a few viewer’s ears bleed.

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Frantically, the streamer tries to figure out what’s going on before moving pans from the hot stove to try and stop the noise.

The whole time, Kandyland’s chat is appropriately freaking out about the all out assault that’s suddenly been launched on their ear drums.

She tries to fan the alarm at first, then by the end of clip grabs a pillow to help in the effort, but the sound is still going strong by the end.

WARNING: the clip below is loud.

Eventually, Kandyland was able to shut the alarm off, but what exactly caused it to start in the first place is still a mystery, since her dishes didn’t seem to be smoking or anything.

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“I didn’t even start baking and the fire alarm already went off,” Kandyland wrote on Twitter after getting the situation under control.

Luckily, Kandyland was eventually able to finish her cupcakes and continue on with her anniversary stream without a special appearance from the local fire department.