PewDiePie finally delivers on 12-hour Minecraft stream

PewDiePie, YouTube / Microsoft

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is coming off an insanely successful streak in his career, breaking 101 million subscribers and even getting married to fiance Marzia Bisognin – and he’s celebrating with a massive Minecraft stream.

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Kjellberg teased the stream in a Tweet on August 26, claiming that he would celebrate his major YouTube milestone with a 12-hour Minecraft broadcast upon returning from his honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.

Calling his milestone an “unbelievable achievement,” the YouTube king promised a “12 hour livestream and the fattest brofist” on his return – and now, he’s finally delivering on that promise.

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PewDiePie went live on September 17 for a Minecraft Hardcore mode broadcast on DLive, a broadcasting platform that he exclusively partnered with in April over sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Despite dedicating his stream to Minecraft, Kjellberg also took the opportunity to broadcast his latest episode of Meme Review in wake of his popularity with the game’s community.

The stream is still live at the time of writing, and fans can catch the the “hardcore” hijinks via his channel on DLive.

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PewDiePie, DLive[ad name=”article3″]

While PewDiePie Tweeted out an announcement for the stream prior to his honeymoon, the Swede also teased the livestream during an episode of LWIAY on August 12, knowing that his massive fanbase would be begging for a huge Minecraft stream to honor his success.

“No one’s gonna want anything else,” he said of the idea. “Let’s get real here. Come on, gamers. 12 hour livestream at 100 million.”

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(Timestamp: 5:44 for mobile viewers)

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As it happens, Kjellberg was right: at hour nine, his broadcast boasts well over 59,000 viewers, and more are pouring in.

Although Kjellberg has kept his word, this wouldn’t be the first time the YouTuber has made a grandiose promise to his audience – in fact, the YouTuber even claimed he would delete his channel after reaching 50 million subs in 2016.

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While his threat was obviously a joke, it’s safe to say that fans are relieved that PewDiePie didn’t make good on that particular promise, with the Swede diving further into his Minecraft fanbase in celebration of YouTube’s greatest milestone yet for an independent creator.

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