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Twitch streamer’s brother acts as stranger for over a year to pull off ultimate prank

Published: 1/Dec/2021 16:09

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch streamer ImVigy was hilariously trolled by his own brother in a 16-month long ruse to get him to wear a dress and twerk for his viewership. 

On November 30, ImVigy donned a gray wig and a blue dress when he fired up his Twitch stream to entertain his normal crowd of viewers.

The creator wore the outfit at the request of a consistent member of his chat, chrono_crosser, who had donated over 100 gifted subscriptions to his channel over the last year in hopes he would wear the wig and twerk on stream for his audience.

What Vigy didn’t know was that the entire time, chrono_crosser was his brother pretending to be a normal Twitch chatter, plotting a prank that lasted over a year long.



Twitch streamer pranked by brother

ImVigy, in wig and dress, danced and twerked for his stream to the delight of his viewership.

As the dancing ceased, he received a 1,000 Twitch bit donation from chrono_crosser who added the message: “Just wanna say how happy I am for you and how much fun it’s been to be here. I’ve been waiting 16 months for this moment. Super proud of you and by the way look at your phone.”

Vigy replied: “Look at my phone? No f**king shot! You’re f**king kidding me! Can we get a big hello for chrono, because I just found out that’s my f**king brother.”


Vigy’s brother Chrono had been a sub to his brother’s channel for months, and one of the leading donators to the channel while never revealing his true identity.

Later, Chrono provided some context for the epic moment and said: “16 months ago I found out my younger brother is a twitch streamer. I’ve secretly subbed/watched almost every stream since then. We’re 10 years apart and in different states so he has no idea it’s me.

“I set out on a goal of eventually convincing him to twerk on stream wearing a dress. Today after 16 months it finally culminated.”


Spending over a year to prank your brother shows an insane amount of dedication, and all the hard work truly did pay off.