Alinity responds to Twitch blackmail rumors and fake marriage accusations

Alinity, Twitch

Natalia ‘Alinity‘ Mogollon has finally shed some light on some of the most serious allegations against her, which include not only a fake marriage, but also the idea that she has been blackmailing Twitch staff in order to avoid being banned.

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The streamer, who regularly hosts broadcasts on Twitch for her huge fanbase, has been the subject of many criticisms in her seven-year stint on the platform – and throwing her cat during a broadcast in July stirred up controversy once again. 

Many people expected her to be banned for the incident, but it didn’t materialize following investigations from animal protection services SPCA and PETA. Members of the online community have also claimed she had a sexual relationship with a member of Twitch staff, in order to escape a ban. 

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Finally, though, she has given her take. 

Alinity, InstagramAlinity was slammed with animal abuse allegations in July.
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“What really upsets me is the invalidation of success — if I’m successful, it must be because I’m fucking someone at Twitch. And that is so stupid,” she said in an interview published by FFWD on Medium. 

The streamer added: “I cannot tell you how much that upsets me. Because I mean, that’s all the merit I have in their eyes, you know what I mean? Like, maybe Twitch just understands me.”

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The 30-year old went on to suggest that, perhaps, she has never done anything “horrible” enough to warrant a permanent ban and, as of the time of writing, that appears to be the case as her channel is still active. 

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Another allegation that has been constantly hanging over her head is the idea that she faked a marriage to gain Canadian citizenship.

Alinity, InstagramAlinity has revealed many viewers have reported her to Canada’s immigration department.
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While the Colombian has addressed these suggestions during streams in the past, she refutes the idea that the marriage was staged to allow her to move to Canada on a spousal visa. 

“There’s always this balance that I’m juggling between, with the hate in my channel and controlling how many people can talk,” she continued. “My livelihood can be threatened by the power of trolls.”

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YouTuber PewDiePie also weighed in on the situation back in May, too, claiming that she has admitted to “committing marriage fraud” in the past. 

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Alinity confirmed during the interview – which spanned across a variety of different topics – that she has been stopped multiple times by authorities, following reports that were made to immigration about said visa.  

She still rejects some of the strongest allegations made against her, but criticisms of the streamer are unlikely to fade away any time soon.