Twitch streamer under fire after scamming Doordash & insulting delivery drivers

Theo Salaun
twitch streamer doordash delivery drivers backlash

A popular NBA 2K streamer on Twitch, NaDeXe, has successfully enraged the internet by shamelessly scamming Doordash and then mocking delivery drivers when told his actions put their careers at risk.

“The customer is always right” is a popular expression, but one that has become questioned more and more in the decades since it was coined by Selfridge’s Harry Gordon in 1909. Over 100 years later, the internet has found one customer who they’ve decided is quite wrong.

NaDeXe was streaming NBA 2K while ordering food and apparently told his viewers about a Doordash scam he pulled off: receiving a food delivery, then requesting a refund because either something was wrong with the order or it never got there.

Dubbing this strategy the “refund of death,” viewers complained that, while NaDeXe’s actions wouldn’t be investigated by Doordash, the delivery driver’s job could be put at risk. He then doubled down, insulting delivery drivers and instantly angering the internet.

As you can hear in the clip, which starts as NaDeXe responds to chat’s criticisms, the streamer isn’t worried about his impact on someone’s livelihood.

“I don’t give a f**k about Doordash motherf**kers, they can suck it … Not my fault they chose that job.”

This nonchalant response wasn’t received particularly well, as the clip, titled “rich guy thoughts on fake refunding his doordash,” went straight to the LiveStreamFail subreddit. And, with notes of universal karmic balancing, the backlash also spilled onto Twitter.

After the controversial clip, NaDeXe took to Twitter to complain to his 158.6k followers about his PayPal getting suspended due to viewers “charging back dollars after donating.” 

Yes, the fake delivery purchaser got hit with fake donations, resulting in a frozen PayPal account. 

As for how this has been received, someone on Twitter was a little more elaborate than the “braindead f**king human being” comments on Reddit. We’ll let user ‘Lukes__Father’ wrap this whole story up, as they did in the replies to the PayPal tweet:

“The absolute irony of you crying on Twitter about this hours after doing this same thing to a DoorDash driver is exactly the kind of laugh I needed tonight. Not our fault you chose this as your job.”

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