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Twitch streamer SweetAnita shocked by how much her “dirty” items could sell for

Published: 20/Oct/2021 22:08 Updated: 20/Oct/2021 23:28

by Theo Salaun


Twitch streamers can make a lot of money off of their streams alone, but Sweet Anita is now looking at a different business venture. After her mods surprised her with some potential price points, she’s asking the internet about the underwear market.

Back in July, Sweet Anita considered quitting Twitch entirely due to the “mental toll” of creepy fans. Now, her moderators have keyed in on a way to lean into her fans’ more… intimate interests.

In a tweet shared on October 20, Anita revealed that her mods had some interesting new sales pitches. From ‘sanitary items and dirty socks’ to ‘underwear and tissue,’ the streamer’s team thinks she could make a lot of money selling used items on the side.


So, a mindblown Anita has turned to the internet for answers — asking just how much the aforementioned ‘products’ could sell for.

Sweet Anita asks about underwear pricing

As you can see in her tweet, Anita is somewhat confused by the entire prospect. Referencing the intimate items, she polled Twitter: “I legitimately don’t think I’d make £2. They think someone would pay £5,000, please tell them they are wrong.”

At the time of writing, the internet has a fairly firm opinion on the matter. With a whopping 78.6% majority, people agree with the mods that Anita’s used and dirty items could sell for thousands of pounds.

In the replies, people were quick to let Anita know that her mods were right and that the precedent is there. Unsurprisingly, Belle Delphine’s bath water strategy was quickly brought up as proof of concept.


For the moment, though, Sweet Anita hasn’t committed to the idea. So her 330,000-plus Twitter followers will just have to wait and see if the underwear side hustle ever becomes reality.