Streamer takes inspiration from Belle Delphine by “selling” bath water

Japanese streamer ‘Meowko‘ took a page out of Belle Delphine’s book, and “sold” her bath water to her Twitch chat in the middle of her broadcast.

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Belle Delphine set the internet ablaze on July 2 when she announced that she was selling jars of ‘Gamer Girl’ bath water to desperate fans.  Shocking everyone, they actually sold out in record time.

However, after the online personality had her Instagram account banned, she has been mostly silent with her content. One Japanese streamer decided to fill that void, and poke fun of the star by “selling” her own bath water on stream to her Twitch chat.

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Instagram: @meowkololThe Japanese streamer joked about Belle Delphine’s bath water incident during his broadcast.
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Bath water business

During her October 20 broadcast, the Japanese streamer was washing her dog in the tub when she decided troll her audience by joking about the Belle Delphine incident. After the pup got out, Meowko stayed by the bathtub before deciding to hop in herself.

As she replicated the original video of the Instagram star bathing to sell her product, the streamer asked “Who wants this bath water?” as she cupped some in her hands. “I’m going to sell, who wants that?”

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(Mobile viewers, click here to view the clip.)

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The streamer then went to dry off her dog, but not before she cheekily asked her chat “How much for the dog water?” as her pet had also been in the bath as well.

She then came back to the tub later after finishing with her animal, and joked with her audience, saying, “Are you guys clean yet?” after having “sold” them the bath water on stream.

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(Mobile viewers, click here to view the clip.)

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Meowko further joked about the incident on Twitter as she posted a picture from the stream and asked her followers how much they would be willing to pay for it, echoing Belle Delphine further. 

“I sell 1k of Twitch Chat Bath Water… Kappa How much would you pay?” the streamer laughed. Given that the Instagram model actually sold out of hers, it wouldn’t be shocking if some actually would be willing to pay for it. 

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The whole thing was in good fun, of course. The Japanese streamer mainly does IRL streams as she likes to document her adventures, though maybe she’ll be headed into the bath water business after this.

As of the time of this article, Meowko has over 35k followers on Twitch, proving that though she’s not actually selling her water, she’s still popular.

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