Twitch streamer receives a record $75,000 donation on stream

Bill Cooney

Most Twitch streamers don’t expect to receive record-setting, five-digit donations when they log in to stream, but that’s exactly what happened to Fortnite streamer Exotic Chaotic.

Chaotic is a Fortnite pro who found success at the Ninja Las Vegas event and during the Summer and Fall Skirmishes.

He took over $30,000 home from the Summer and Fall Skirmishes, but a recent donation by another Fortnite Pro has more than doubled that.

As soon as the $75,000 donation from KingMascot, another Fortnite Pro, shows up on Chaotic’s stream, he has a hard time believing it’s real.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, that can’t be real,” Chaotic said as he checked to make sure the donation was legit.

After getting such a massive donation, it seems like Chaotic was still trying to process what had happened as he checked his Paypal to make sure the donation was real.

But it was real, and it’s officially the new record for the largest single Twitch donation ever. KingMascot, who made the donation, told Dexerto he thought Exotic Chaotic deserved it.

“Known him for over a year. Hasn’t been in the best spot for money his whole life. He deserves it more than anyone. So he can get a new place for his girlfriend and 4-year-old!”

As the donation rolled in on stream, Twitch chat, unsurprisingly, began to freak out at the massive amount just received.

Chaotic’s year is already off to an amazing start, and hopefully he can find more success in Fortnite Tournaments in the year to come as well.

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