Twitch streamer Quqco banned a fifth time for “inappropriate attire”

Twitter: quqco

Twitch streamer Quqco has been banned for the fifth time, the content creator revealing that the reasoning for this new band was for wearing a “inappropriate attire” while watching a documentary.

Art streamer quqco was hit with a one day ban on Twitch for inappropriate attire. But according to the streamer herself, she was banned for a stream where she was just watching a documentary of Christine Chandler while wearing a dress. 

When announcing her new ban on social media, the streamer included a picture of the outfit she was wearing, captioning the tweet “I’m confused, I was watching the Chris chan documentary and wearing this.”

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She was allegedly banned mid way into her stream. It is unclear if the ban had anything to do with the content shown in the documentary.

Quqco banned on Twitch for a fifth time

The ban clearly confused not just quqco, but also her viewers as in their view there was nothing inappropriate about the attire she was wearing. 

Quqco was previously banned twice in 2019. Once in August that year for revealing her underwear while cosplaying as Mai Shiranui from Dead or Alive.

And another in August of that year when she was banned for a “suggestive Chun Li cosplay. This ban confused her as she pointed out she was fully covered. 

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In 2021, she was banned for another attire related problem. This time she admitted she may have shown too much skin for what is allowed on Twitch. But she took shots at hot tub streamers for showing more skin than she normally does, yet not getting any bans. 

As well as this, she was banned for three days in January 2023 after using fake breasts as props on stream. She also admitted she deserved the ban as it does flagrantly violate Twitch’s guidelines. 

Including the most recent ban, this makes it the fifth time she has been temporarily banned from the website. Twitch has stated in their guidelines “multiple suspensions over time can lead to an indefinite suspension.”

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