Twitch streamer banned over “suggestive” Chun-Li cosplay

Twitch / Twitter: quqco

Twitch has been on a banning spree in the last month in regards to “suggestive content”, with the latest suspension being dished out to a cosplaying streamer who decided to show off her Chun-Li outfit.

Sexually suggestive content on Twitch has been a major talking point in the community in 2019. Some streamers have been looking to push the limits of what attire they can wear on stream, with more bans being handed out for “suggestive content” this year than seemingly any other.

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However, some bans have been handed down on streamers cosplaying as some of their favorite characters, leading to people questioning where the line is drawn.

Art streamer ‘quqco’ was streaming on September 15 cosplaying Chun-Li from Street Fighter while chatting with her viewers. However, after she signed off for the day, she was hit with a suspension for “suggestive content” on stream.

“I just got banned for wearing a Chun-Li cosplay,” said the art streamer on Twitter, posting a screenshot of the email she received from Twitch.

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She was banned for three days, and had a Community Guidelines strike placed against her account.

This isn’t the first time quqco has been in hot water with Twitch staff in 2019.

During an August 18 stream, she was banned after revealing her underwear as she bent over to pick up something off the floor while wearing a cosplay of Mai Shiranui from Dead or Alive.

Twitch: quqcoquqco was banned after wearing this Chun-Li cosplay on stream. She claimed she was the target of sexual harassment and mass reporting from members of the popular subreddit /r/livestreamfail.

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This cosplay also garnered a three-day ban and a strike, and she was also banned from participating at the TwitchCon 2019 Artist Alley, where she was set to table with Twitch partner ‘SleepyMia’.

Twitter: quqcoThe art streamer was banned for this Mai Shiranui cosplay back in August.

Her second ban also comes after a plethora of suspensions in the last month as Twitch seems to be cracking down on streamer attire. Popular personalities ‘Amouranth’ and ‘Bridgett’ have both been banned in the last week, receiving three-day bans.

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Twitch’s crackdown on certain content on their platform doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and streamers are having to become more cautious with how they present themselves on the platform in fear of getting their own accounts suspended.

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