Twitch streamer quqco banned after using fake breasts prop on stream

quqco twitch streamerTwitter: quqco

Popular Twitch streamer quqco has been suspended from the platform, stating she “deserved it” after using a fake breasts prop as a gimmick.

Twitch has strict rules around sexually suggestive content, but will consider the context of any given incident to determine what action, if any, is taken.

Typically, these bans are handed out for overtly breaking the rules with explicit content, or by accidental slip-ups that a panicked streamer attempts to rectify immediately.

In quqco’s case, however, it was instead a simple prop that landed her in hot water with the platform.

With over 100,000 followers on Twitch, quqco surged in popularity in early 2022, averaging as many as 2,500 concurrent viewers in April.

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Although she has streamed a variety of games, the majority of her streaming is in the Just Chatting section. On January 10, she got hold of a rubber body suit for the chest.

Unfortunately for quqco, this prop appears to have crossed the line of Twitch’s community guidelines. Although, it may not have just been the prop in isolation, but also her actions on the stream that led to the ban.

Confirming her three-day ban from the platform, quqco posted a clip where she draws attention to her new, albeit fake, chest, which would make a suspension all the more likely.

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This is because while Twitch’s guidelines do not go as far as to prohibit any form of cleavage, they do stipulate that “making explicit gestures towards breasts, buttocks or genitals” is prohibited.

Some commenters were surprised that this incident led to a suspension though, giving examples of what they deemed to be more obvious violations by other streamers going unpunished.

The ban will only last for three days, at which time quqco’s channel will be reinstated.