Twitch streamer pulls out rifle after being shot at in drive-by attack

Theo Burman
streamer shot at irl

A Twitch streamer was caught in a terrifying drive-by shooting, and responded by pulling out his own gun and going to confront the attackers.

Twitch streamer 50calapr was playing Escape from Tarkov when a series of gunshots went off outside his building. After briefly taking cover, the streamer quickly grabbed a gun which he had put behind his chair, and left the room.

This isn’t the first time a Twitch streamer has been interrupted by gunshots. Last month, an ASMR stream was cut short by a series of shots from outside.

Twitch streamer responds to drive-by shooting by pulling out a rifle

50calapr immediately took cover by crouching down, but then reached for a large rifle that was sitting behind his setup, before rushing out the door to confront the attackers.

On Reddit, the streamer confirmed that no one had been hurt and that the authorities were investigating the incident.

He said: “It was a drug/gang-related drive-by. No one was hurt or injured thankfully. They shot the glass door of my apartment complex out though, so that sucks. It’s rough out here.”

When he was asked how his reaction was so fast, he said: “It’s not the first time sh*t went down here. It’s cheap rent and I’m a full-time college student so you gotta be strapped out here.”

Several viewers joked that having a gun near the streaming setup was very in character for an Escape from Tarkov player, with one watcher saying: “They picked the worst type of streamer to shoot at. Tarkov players always got a gun near their setup.”

Another said: ” you were ready with the heat lol…. Glad to hear you’re ok and hopefully others are as well.”

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