Twitch streamer Pink_Sparkles rage quits on boyfriend Asmongold in game of Apex Legends

Virginia Glaze

Popular Twitch streamer Pink_Sparkles is dating fellow WoW streamer Asmongold – but their relationship may be getting off to a rocky start.

Sparkles was in the midst of a game of Apex Legends with Asmongold when their squad was eliminated, prompting a frustrated reaction from the streamer.

“I have no ammo,” Sparkles said of her loss. “You had so much time to give me ammo there. I had no shield, either.”

Asmongold appeared to be flustered at her apparent annoyance, making a vain attempt to explain his side of the game.

“I was getting pinned down, it was two teams,” he explained. “I wasn’t looking at the window, I was aiming at them.”

Twitter: AsmongoldPopular WoW streamer Asmongold is dating Twitch streamer Pink_Sparkles, but one of their interactions has fans questioning their relationship.

“You were just sitting there looking at the window, you could have shot at them,” she continued, going on to end their Discord call and exit out of the game’s lobby with an exasperated sigh.

While Sparkles’ chat found the interaction amusing, commenters on Reddit expressed concern for their relationship, with some speculating that he is becoming “too attached” to Sparkles.

Some commenters speculated on the status of Asmongold and Pink_Sparkles’ relationship, following her rage quit during a shared game of Apex Legends.

“It’s not really her fault, he’s an over-eager guy who thinks this is his big relationship (or first big love interest, whatever) and probably he’s getting a little bit too attached,” one commenter wrote.

“The problem is, he’s living for her, [he] has no self-respect,” another commented. “I guarantee you he can’t believe she’s into him and thinks she’s the one.”

Asmongold, known for streaming World of Warcraft, quit broadcasting altogether in February, after getting into a relationship with Pink_Sparkles several months prior.

The streamer likewise complained of having a low view count while playing games other than WoW, such as Metroid Exodus and Hollow Knight, prompting him to end his streams preemptively to avoid losing subscribers – although he later denied quitting the games for those reasons.