FaZe Pamaj hilariously outs himself after being “exposed” by Zoie Burgher

FaZe Pamaj, Zoie Burgher - Twitter

While FaZe Pamaj is known for being one of the best Call of Duty snipers around, he may also be the king of comebacks, as evidenced by his reply to an outrageous series of Tweets.

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Internet personality Zoie Burgher accused Pamaj of having a threesome with herself and model Abigale Mandler in 2017 – claiming that the act occurred without the knowledge of Mandler’s husband.

“And I still can’t believe no one found out about the threesome between me, Abigale Mandler, and Pamaj, and especially not her husband,” Burgher wrote in a Tweet on March 24. “Moral of the story, everyone fucking sucks.”

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Burgher went on to provide a series of DMs from 2017 as proof of the threesome, where Pamaj asked her if he had left his team OpTic chain, camera, and driver’s license in she and Mandler’s shared hotel room.

“He took off his OpTic chain and jacket in our room… to play CoD, obviously,” she said of the screenshots.

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Pamaj had a hilarious response to Burgher’s Tweets, uploading an image of CoD’s ‘Collateral Damage’ medal – which rewards players for killing two or more enemies with a single bullet from a sniper rifle.

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The community exploded following Pamaj’s apparent admission of guilt, with even the likes of OpTic owner and CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez chiming in on the drama.

“Snipers sometimes hit Collats,” he wrote of the situation.

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OpTic streamer ‘Rallied’ had a similarly hilarious take on the debacle, writing, “Fool was making Luxe Kebabs. Absolute unit.”

Fellow FaZe Clan sniper ‘Dirty’ uploaded a spit take gif in response to the drama, while 100 Thieves’ ‘Enable’ humorously accused Pamaj of “being all over the map.”

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Burgher has since deleted her Tweets on the subject, and Mandler has yet to speak out on the issue via social media.

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