MrBeast’s $100,000 donation shocks small-time Twitch streamers

MrBeast, YouTube

Popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is known for his shocking acts of charity – but one of his projects is leaving small-time Twitch streamers speechless.

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While MrBeast has a penchant for donating generous amounts of money to Twitch streamers, his latest donation video sought to help broadcasters with a grand total of 0 viewers.

MrBeast had a whopping $100,000 to give out, and divvied up the amount in $5,000 – 10,000 increments between a slew of smaller Twitch streamers – who had a wide range of incredible reactions to his donations.

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One streamer, who was broadcasting himself sleeping, initially thought that MrBeast had donated $10.00 instead of $10,000, and even appeared not to believe that his donation was real at all.

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“Is that funny?” the streamer asked, after MrBeast jokingly suggested that he could have “burned” the cash, instead. “Thanks for the $10,000. Let’s do a collab or something.”

MrBeast, YouTubeMrBeast is known for his incredible acts of charity, and has donated mass amounts to small Twitch streamers, waitresses, and the homeless in his YouTube videos.
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MrBeast even turned the video up a notch by challenging streamers to get a kill in their games to receive an additional donation.

“That is not real,” one streamer said in shock when presented with the task. “MrBeast, are you serious?”

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A few streamers even broke out into tears at MrBeast’s generosity, with a few livestreaming his store after being asked to purchase his merchandise using a special discount code.

Although MrBeast has created many of these videos in the past, popular YouTuber and family vlogger Roman Atwood revealed his own initiative to help smaller streamers the day prior.

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Atwood’s initiative takes $2 from each sale of his graphic ‘glitch’ Smile More T-shirts and donates the revenue to small-time Twitch streamers – which resulted in an emotional reaction from 15-year-old Fortnite streamer Joseph ‘JTReview,’ as shown during his video on the subject.

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