Twitch streamer AirsoftPhatty permanently banned for not moderating viewers

Jacob Hale
airsoftfatty twitch streamer ban

Popular Twitch streamer Chris ‘AirsoftPhatty’ LaFon has been banned on the streaming platform for the rare case of “unmoderated hateful content” — or, basically, not moderating his viewership properly.

Twitch bans are becoming more and more common in recent months, which is to be expected considering the ever-growing number of streamers on the platform.

There have been some high-profile cases, such as that of Dr Disrespect, as well as this streamer who saw his account restricted after a gross swimming pool stream.

Normally, streamers have to do something against Twitch terms of service or clearly wrong to earn themselves a ban, but AirsoftPhatty’s ban revolves more around what he didn’t do than what he did.

airsoftphatty twitch streamer
AirsoftPhatty hasn’t done a great job of moderating his viewers, apparently.

LaFon can usually be found in Just Chatting or playing a variety of games with his viewers, but doesn’t have any mods to make sure the stream stays on course. This, ultimately, looks like his downfall.

Late on February 1, Chris posted a tweet with a screenshot of an email from Twitch, revealing that he had been banned for “unmoderated hateful content.”

Saying that he “needs moderators” for his stream, AirsoftPhatty also asks whether any of his followers have seen this as a reason for bans in the past, showing that it’s not exactly a common occurrence.

It’s not exactly sure what was the final straw for Twitch to issue the ban, but as laid out in the screenshot posted, it could be any one of the following:

  • Allowing text-to-speech donations on stream that contain hateful symbols.
  • Allowing users in your chat to repeatedly spam hateful slurs, without taking any moderation actions to remove the messages.
  • Allowing viewer submitted videos focused on xenophobic ideology to play on stream.

As a result, the ban is indefinite, meaning it will have to be appealed by LaFon before he’s able to get going again. And he’ll want to make sure he has a moderation team ready before going live again.

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