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Twitch streamer mind-blown after winning over $14,000 on slots

Published: 3/May/2020 12:21 Updated: 3/May/2020 12:55

by Joe Craven


A smaller Twitch streamer known as ‘heyitsjoe’ was left stunned during a May 1 live stream, after he won nearly $15,000 while playing a slot machine game. 

Heyitsjoe is known to his 10,000 followers for regularly streaming in the ‘Just Chatting’ section and playing gambling games. His ‘Joe Melon Gambling Experience’ is incredibly popular with followers, and a riff on the immensely popular Joe Rogan Experience.

While viewers are used to seeing him frequent Virtual Casinos, his May 1 broadcast featured an insane level of success, causing the American to dive on the floor to process his win.

Twitch: heyitsjoe
Joe’s gambling content is very popular.

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While playing ‘Slots’ on May 1, it became obvious that an insanely successful round was about yield thousands of dollars. The exact amount was not determined, with viewers suggesting Joe had won around $8,000.


The total kept climbing however, breaking the $10k mark. It was at this point Joe became visibly stunned. “Is that $14,000?” he asked, in shock. “Is that $14,000?! Oh my god.”

As the total amount won settled on a whopping $14,670, Joe can be seen diving on to the floor in the background of his shot, overwhelmed by his insane winnings.

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Despite returning to his setup soon after, Joe was still in shock for the remainder of his broadcast, citing the incredible “luck” that allowed him to win big.

He has since followed up the insane moment with a tweet joking that his soul is leaving him, and also that the broadcast was not sponsored, despite his Twitch channel page featuring a link to the game’s website.


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He also confirmed that he has withdrawn all the money he won – unsurprising given the massive total amount.

The awesome clip reiterates the appeal of live streaming: no matter what viewers anticipate or streamers are doing, a truly incredible moment can happen out of nowhere.