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Twitch streamer Meowko reveals “creepy” stalker made her fear for her life

Published: 10/Nov/2021 22:35 Updated: 11/Nov/2021 11:25

by Dylan Horetski


Twitch streamer ‘Meowko’ described her “creepy” experience with a stalker during one of her IRL broadcasts after a viewer asked why she hasn’t streamed outside in a while.

With over 222,000 followers on Twitch, Japanese streamer ‘Meowko’ has gained popularity for her variety of gameplay, hilarious costumes, and IRL streams set in various parts of Japan.

IRL streams have begun to take over the platform, with thousands of creators investing in the hardware required to take their stream mobile. However, it doesn’t always end well, as we’ve seen streamers get hit by a car, and others who were banned after something explicit was shown on their stream.


Meowko has had troubles in the past during her mobile streams, and on her November 9 broadcast, revealed a creepy experience she had with a stalker.

meowko with mario
Instagram: MeowkoLol
Meowko posing in public with Mario.

Meowko stalker experience

After a viewer in her chat asked about her break from IRL streaming, Meowko replied: “I love going outside and I love IRL streaming. But it’s because of a stupid, creepy stalker, I’m feeling that one day I’m going to get killed.”

She went on to explain that, while she’d been streaming on a train to her destination, a man sat close by her and stared at her, which made her uncomfortable.


“He didn’t say anything and he didn’t hurt me, but he bothered me. He was looking at me super close and just kept going,” she explained further.

Moving on to answer questions from her chat about the situation, Meowko agreed that there’s a chance the stranger was under the influence of something.

“It was scary,” she explained. “I don’t want to be around somebody, be targeted, and get killed. He followed me around until the next day when I called the police.”

Meowko is one of the many women on Twitch who have experienced harrowing instances of stalking, with several other streamers reporting disturbing instances of similar scenarios throughout their careers as entertainers.


Fans are sending support toward Meowko in the wake of this news as the broadcaster is now fearful to stream outside due to her stalker.