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Japanese streamer groped by stranger during Shibuya Halloween bash

Published: 31/Oct/2019 18:27 Updated: 31/Oct/2019 18:40

by Virginia Glaze


Japanese Twitch streamer “Meowko” had an unsavory experience with a stranger while she was trying to stream Halloween festivities in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. 

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With Halloween upon us, folks are out and about celebrating the spooky holiday all around the world – including Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, where crowds gather en masse to party in the center’s iconic street crossings.

However, such gatherings are known to get a bit rowdy, with a reported 13 arrests made last year for such offenses as theft, assault, and groping, the last of which was caught on camera during a streamer’s 2019 Halloween festivities.


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Wikimedia CommonsAs one of Tokyo’s busiest business centers, Shibuya is known for getting rowdy on nights like Halloween.

Japanese streamer “Meowko” was making her way through Shibuya’s crowded streets with a group of friends when her camera caught a gut-wrenching incident that left viewers’ jaws on the floor.

As they walked, a man casually reached out and grabbed her friend’s breast, angrily lifting his hand as he was reproached by the woman before being moved out of view by the crowd.

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The partygoers regrouped a few moments later, where Meowko explained that her friend had kicked the man in reaction to the assault – an understandable response to such a horrific act.


“She kicked him,” Meowko explained in shock. “She just said that she kicked the man because the dude was grabbing her boob. Holy s**t, oh my god. I’m so sorry. She just kicked him so hard.”

The internet is mostly in agreement with her friend’s actions, with commenters across sites like Reddit denouncing the groping in heated comments out of anger for the woman.

“The audacity,” one user wrote of the interaction. “What the ****? And he tries to look confused after.”

https://www.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/dpoq24/japanese_girl_groped_on_stream/[ad name=”article4″]


“That’s some messed up s**t right there,” another commented. “That dude must be a pathetic and sad **** virgin for doing such s**t. I hope somebody knows him from the video and confronts him hard.”

Others were confused that the policeman in the clip seemed to “move the crowd along” without confronting the groper – although some argued that he may not have seen the incident due to the mass of people crowding the street.

Daniel Ramirez, FlickrKnown for being one of Tokyo’s busiest business centers, Shibuya is often crowded with shoppers and those looking to take advantage of the ward’s nightlife.

No matter the case, sexual assault is never okay. With Halloween parties rife in the coming days, the incident on Meowko’s stream acts as a shocking warning to partygoers to protect themselves and celebrate safely.