IRL streamer pushed and threatened by random man in scary Twitch clip

An IRL Twitch streamer was pushed and threatened by a random member of the public while exploring Japan in a stream on November 5.

You can’t control those around you when you’re in a public area, and uncertainty and bizarre interactions that streamers encounter during IRL streams bring an enormous amount of viewership to the category.

During IRL streams it’s often that streamers will be put in puzzling situations. Being threatened on the subway, to gum being spat at you, are just some of the many examples of what strange things streamers can face.

This time another streamer has faced some form of harassment from the public. IRL streamer Kuri was pushed and threatened by a random man, which left his chat speechless.

Kuri is known for his IRL streams exploring Japan.

During his stream on November 5, Kuri was exploring Japan as normal until he encountered an overly aggressive man who was concerned about being filmed.

Kuri expressed that he was only filming himself, however, the stranger was still annoyed: “If you do it, you’re gonna have trouble. I’m telling you.”

“Are you threatening me? Because that’s illegal, you can’t threaten people,” Kuri responded, before being pushed by the man out of anger.

The pair continued to exchange words back and forth as the man continued to push Kuri backward. The streamer stood his ground and threatened to go to the police, which scared away the man.

Kuri began to walk away from the situation and was left puzzled by what just happened. “I can’t believe what just happened. It might be the same f**king guy once again pushing me multiple times,” the streamer said.

The clip of the interaction has since gone viral across Twitch, and it goes to show that IRL streaming has its dangers. It’s completely unpredictable how strangers may react to you simply talking into a camera.