Twitch streamer Meowko claims she was wrongfully banned because of “hate reports”

Jacob Hale
Meowko Instagram photo

Twitch streamer Meowko has been banned on Twitch, and claimed that it happened due to “massive hate reports” after a clip of hers went viral even though she “didn’t break any Terms of Service.”

Meowko had almost 300k followers at the time of her ban on August 22, most often found in the Just Chatting category for her near-daily streams.

The Japanese streamer has gained popularity in recent months, but in that time she’s had to face suspensions from the Amazon-owned platform more than once for different reasons.

In March 2022, Meowko claimed she had been banned for “wearing gym clothes” during a cooking stream, questioning the ban email which suggested violative conduct included “wearing a speedo or bikini while cooking.”

Fast forward a few months and she has been banned from the platform once again. This time, she claimed it came due to a mass reporting incident for a clip of hers that went viral.

“My ban reason is because my clip went on LSF and so many [people] massive hate reported it even though I didn’t break any TOS,” Meowko explained. “All my bans happened like this so Don’t worry It’s just bored ppl trying to make me feel sh*t.”

Meowko added that she will “be back in a day,” so we know the ban isn’t too severe this time around. That said, it could become problematic if she keeps getting banned.

Meowko has more to worry about than just Twitch bans, however. In recent months, she has had to end streams over “stalker” concerns.

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