Twitch streamer ends broadcast early after “stalker” harasses her at beach

meowko stalkerYoutube: Meowko

After receiving creepy stares from an alleged stalker, beachside streamer Meowko was forced to end her Twitch broadcast early with concerns over her safety.

Stalkers have become an increasingly alarming issue in recent months as various high-profile streamers have come forward and detailed their own ordeals. Now, we’ve seen another instance force an IRL personality to abruptly end her broadcast.

During what would have been an otherwise peaceful beachside sunbathe, Meowko was forced to end her stream abruptly. In a hushed whisper, she confided with her viewers that a stranger was “literally surrounding my stuff, and I’m kind of scared.

“I want to go back home quickly.”

Apparently, there was a man stalking the streamer. To make matters worse, they supposedly stood right by her belongings, perhaps hoping to interact with the streamer at some point. It’s hard to tell exactly what went down given the camera angle, but it was certainly enough to spook the streamer.

Right before ending the stream, she apologized to her viewers. “Sorry about that, I hope you guys understand,” she said before going offline and presumably traveling home.

At the time of writing, Meowko is yet to provide any further updates on social media.

Outdoor streaming often comes with its own hazards, with content creators frequently getting trolled by stream snipers. Another recent example came when Esfand and his friends were targeted by an airsoft drive-by at TwitchCon 2022.