Twitch streamer Meowko confused over ban for “wearing gym clothes”

Meowko confused over ban for wearing gym John Arano / Twitch

Japanese Twitch streamer Meowko was banned from the platform, and she called them out after saying the ban was for “wearing gym clothes” during a stream.

Many Twitch streamers have faced bans for reasons they deem unfair. In 2022 alone, we’ve seen Mira accuse Twitch of banning her because she’s Russian, while another was banned for their cartoon emotes.

Early on March 29, Meowko received a ban from the platform, and immediately the comments on social media were shocked by Twitch’s decision.

With comments saying that the decision was “out of pocket” or “unwarranted and unnecessary,” there was immediate backlash.

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Shortly after the ban — which also came on her birthday —, Meowko spoke out against the ban, clearly somewhat confused by why it had happened.

“I got banned for wearing gym clothes while cooking,” she said. “On the stream I just did a home workout and that made me hungry so started cooking but apparently Twitch didn’t like it.”

She then posted screenshots of her ban email, which also suggested she “used an augmented reality avatar that has insufficient coverage” and “wore a speedo or bikini while cooking.”

While Meowko and her fans deemed the ban unfair, some critics also said that “if you play with fire, eventually you’ll get burned.”

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Meowko unbanned after 24 hours

The streamer’s gym clothes ban didn’t last too long. Just a day later, she was reinstated on the platform, making for a 24-hour ban that still has some fans scratching their heads.

Meowko has yet to comment further on her ban at the time of writing, but her viewers are excited to see her get back to broadcasting, nonetheless.