Meowko claims she was banned from Twitch yet again over strange bio mishap

meowko banned on twitch for bioTwitter/meowkolol

Twitch streamer ‘Meowko’ has been banned from the platform over for she has claimed is an extremely strange reason.

Variety streamer Meowko is one of the most popular on Twitch, sporting over 350,000 followers who tune in for her Just Chatting and other broadcasts.

Despite having a strong following, it hasn’t always been a joy streaming for the Japanese broadcaster, as she’s been banned multiple times over the years.

Now, on May 30, she was hit with yet another ban for a reason that she doesn’t quite understand at all, leaving viewers stunned.

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Meowko reveals bizarre reason for fifth Twitch ban

Shortly after being banned on Twitch, Meowko hit up social media to announce that she was suspended for three days.

According to a message from Twitch, the violation occurred “in her channel profile,” but this doesn’t make very much sense to her at all for one key reason.

“My profile bio which I haven’t changed for 3 years was against TOS apparently,” she said.

The fact that her profile had no issues for such a long time, even amidst numerous other bans, is certainly quite odd. In any case, it doesn’t seem like she cares that much about the three-day suspension.

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“Anyways, I was not gonna be streaming for the next few days due to traveling to South Korea,” she added, indicating that this won’t inconvenience her in the slightest.

It’s definitely possible that this was a mistake by Twitch and she will end up being unbanned before the three days are up, but this is certainly one of the oddest ban reasons we’ve seen so far this year.

Previously, we’ve seen streamers’ “innocent” emotes get banned, and Forsen had to deal with a week-long suspension after tuning into “dubious” AI VTuber content.

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