Twitch streamer left terrified by nearby gunfire caught live on stream

Emma Hill
Twitch streamer Dankol83 and friends hear gunshots during livestream

Italian Twitch streamer ‘Dankol83’ was suddenly interrupted after a gunman started shooting right outside his streaming booth.

Content creators have caught some particularly terrifying moments during their livestreams, to the point where some have been even been threatened with gunfire.

For instance, IRL streamer JakeNBake was left running for his life after a gunman “pranked” him as he was walking through an open field. Whereas, Adin Ross had to duck for cover under his desk after hearing gunshots outside his home.

A similar situation arose for Dankol83, who currently has 66.9K followers on the platform, as he was in the middle of a livestream when suddenly gunshots started being fired in the street behind him.

Dankol83 shocked by gunshots outside his office

On August 3, Twitch streamer Dankol83, who is known for filming outside of a venue which directly looks out onto a street, was in the middle of a wholesome conversation with guests when gunshots were heard outside.

The group quickly looked behind them in horror as the shooting appeared to happen right outside of the filming booth.

Luckily, the police arrived within minutes of the incident as Dankol83 and his friends took shelter inside and commentated the aftermath.

After the clip appeared on Reddit, one user claimed: “Apparently the guy randomly started shooting a few shots in the air and some at the ground, then immediately went back home […] The police came after a few minutes and evacuated the area, after like 30 minutes an ambulance came and the police went away.”

This isn’t the first time that Dankol83 has witnessed a dramatic moment during his livestream. He previously was left picking up the pieces after his setup was damaged by passers-by.

Hopefully, this will be the last scary incident to jump up on Dankol83 during his livestreams.

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