IRL Twitch streamer JakeNBake runs for life during terrifying gun prank

IRL Twitch streamer JakeNBake talks to the camera after scary gunshot prankTwitch: jakenbakeLIVE

Popular IRL streamer JakeNBake was left terrified during a trip to Greece when locals started firing guns nearby, only to dicover later it was all a convoluted prank.

With 626k followers on Twitch, JakeNBake has been keeping his viewers entertained with adventures all around the globe.

However, like most IRL streamers, Jake has brushed with danger on various occasions and even managed to capture it live in front of his shocked viewers.

They were similarly horrified after Jake’s wholesome journey through the rural mountains of Greece took a terrifying turn when he and his friend thought they had come under gunfire.

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JakeNBake seemingly attacked with gunfire during stream

On August 13, Jake and his companion were walking through the countryside in Crete at night. All of a sudden, the two ducked for cover as gunshots were heard nearby.

The pair debated whether the shooter was aiming at the sky as a “bullet shot.” However, Jake asserted: “No, that was a gunshot.”

The pair quickly ran across the field back to the nearby town as more gunshots went off nearby. Although, when reaching civilisation again, they were met with a group of laughing locals.

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They informed him that it was a prank by some “friends” for “fun.” Yet, he explained: “It’s not funny […] I’m from America and that makes it scary.”

However, the experience didn’t seem to ruin Jake’s adventure as earlier on in the day he’d be treated to a delicious meal by his host Andy and got to meet some local puppies.

He later took to Twitter calling the “moment in time” one that he’ll “remember forever” as he continues his globe-trotting.

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