Twitch streamer left devastated after waiting 74 hours for Abandoned trailer

Blue Box Game Studios

Streamer Rex Sterling was left gutted after a 74 hour live stream resulted in nothing more than a disappointing trailer for Blue Box Game Studios’ upcoming Abandoned. 

This year has been a rollercoaster of releases that isn’t due to end anytime soon. Over the next few months, gamers will continue to be treated to some of the world’s eagerly awaited titles.

In the case of streamer Rex Sterling, they’ll need to keep waiting a little longer. 

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Gamers have been fascinated by the mystery of Abandoned, the recent project from developer Blue Box Game Studios. Shrouded in secrecy since its inception, the upcoming horror title has been under intense scrutiny as many believe it to be Hideo Kojima’s long abandoned Silent Hills project reborn.

Blue Box Game Studios
Games have been eager to know the truth behind Abandoned.

However, despite most signs pointing towards this, studio head Hasan Kahraman is adamant the title is an original creation

Streamer Rex thought he’d be in for a treat earlier this week, when the Abandoned app experience went live for PlayStation users. Unfortunately, it didn’t go exactly as planned. 

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Racking up 74 gruelling hours, Rex was determined to get his eyeballs on anything. Problems persisted and the developers went radio silent.

Yet in spite of these issues, Rex didn’t back down. In the end, his efforts were laid to waste as the disappointing app was nothing more than a previously seen trailer. Seriously. 

After 74 hours of streaming, the creator couldn’t help but vent his frustrations at the anti-climax. “What the f*ck was that? That’s it?” Rex asked. Viewers were split, some disappointed for the streamer while others were amused by the whole affair. 

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The streamer reacted to the news on his Twitter, seemingly laughing at his own misfortune.

Players will still remain excited for Abandoned, even if the teasers we’ve had so far aren’t all that enthralling. 

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