Twitch streamer instantly regrets pledge to eat lemon for every follower

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch streamer squirms after eating a lemon

A Twitch streamer’s promise to eat a lemon for each new follower he received during a broadcast quickly backfired – leaving a sour taste in his mouth.

Twitch streamers Gus and Ashley, who broadcast together on the ProspectingTonight channel, decided to eat five lemons, peel and all, in an attempt to get fellow entertainer ‘lemons_mcbackflip’ to eat just one.

However, Gus decided to use the challenge to his advantage. “Any new person that follows, I will eat the full lemon,” he explained.

“Are you not even going to peel it?” Ashley asked for clarification, which prompted Gus to reveal he would just bite right into it.

Amusingly, right after he made this promise, the small streamer was raided with a party of 45 and the followers starting pouring in, meaning that no matter what, he would have to go through with the ridiculous challenge.

“Fantastic,” he sighed. “And here are the follows.”

Despite some concerns from members of the chat who warned that eating five lemons could give him a sore stomach, Gus simply shrugged them off. While he admitted the nerves were starting to get to him, the streamer eventually dug in.

“Well, f**k,” he gasped before his first bite into the lemon, expressing visible discomfort.

Shockingly, throughout the broadcast, Gus refused to give in and kept eating lemon after lemon, all in the name of “content.”

“Somehow he’s managed to keep it all down so far,” Ashley remarked in amazement as her companion took a swig of beer.

“Yea, no problems with the stomach. It’s just my teeth feel kind of weird,” he stated.

When all was said and done and the lemons had been successfully devoured, the goal had been reached, and lemons_mcbackflip had to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Unlike Gus, who ended up eating five, the other streamer had a hard time even consuming one, which hopefully made the challenge all the more worth it.

You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, eat them during a Twitch stream.

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